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August 22, 2016

Super cool patio! The Wolfs Den is about a 10 min walk from downtown Golden but well worth it!
Log Cabin, large trees on the patio and a great view of the mountains. The house beer is great and the Elk burger I ate was fantastic! Prices and service were decent.
One thing Id change- Dont have black leather seats on a patio. #sticky
Ambiance: 8/10
Food and Drinks: 8/10
Service: 6/10
#patioreview #patioreviewgolden #zomato

August 20, 2016

Just checked out the Grizzly Bear refuge on Kicking Horse Mountain. Now patio #beers. #PPW. Beautiful views. Good drinks specials. Large selection. 
Only had one beer but the service was quick, beer was cold and view was great!

#patioreview #patioreviewgolden #patio #kickinghorse #grizzlyrefuge #golden #bc #primepatioweather

August 17, 2016

White Tooth, Golden BC

2nd RTP of the evening! Sunshine, bluesky, mountains and overlooking the river! I will have to offer a review later on, but so far this seems like one of the dopest patios Ive sat on! 

Overall a pretty nice setup. Cool place to have a RTP in the middle of the mountains next to the river. Only had a couple drinks. Not much of a selection and slow service. Ambiance and view: 7/10. Drinks and drink selection: 4/10 Service and staff: 4/10.

August 16, 2016

2nd Anniversary Roof Top Patio (RTP) in Golden BC with this hottie! Right on the River, mountains on three sides, cheap local beer. And a hotel discount. I might never leave!

#rooftoppatio #primepatioweather
#golden #beer #bc #patio #theisland #goldenbc #patioreview #patioreviewgolden

Full review:

Nice rustic looking RTP. Bison burger that I ate was cooked perfectly. Local craft beer was great. It was PPW and there was lots of sunshine! Mountains that surround the patio are blocked mostly by trees and buildings which is unfortunate. Ambiance: 6/10 Food and Drinks: 7/10. Staff and Service: 5/10.

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